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Manage books of accounts with a VAT software
Your books of accounts act as evidence for minimum annual turnover threshold limit for VAT registration. Based on this, either you will be mandated to register or you can request for exemption from registration. Thereby, you must ensure that your books of accounts are updated with accurate information. Start recording all your financial transactions in a VAT compliant way. Choose a VAT software which will make your life easy.

Tally. ERP 9 Release 6.3 for Simplified VAT Compliance
Tally. ERP 9 is an accredited, VAT-ready software. It is packed with rich capabilities to help transition your business to VAT with ease, and without disrupting your routine activities.

Tally. ERP 9 is built to help the day-to-day activities of customers and tax professionals. The product is backed with over 30 years of expertise in building software for VAT in different tax environments.
You can start creating various types of VAT compliant invoices within minutes of installation. Record transactions related to a range of business scenarios such as discounts, freight charges, self-account for reverse charges, input tax credit and advance receipts. You can print VAT compliant tax invoices in Arabic, English or both with Tally. ERP 9.

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