Tally ERP Interview Questions UAE 2019


Tally Interview questions

After Introduction of VAT in UAE , Demand for Accountant is increased as well as Accounting software demand also increased.  Because as per FTA , Companies those have TRN number , they have to File VAT Return periodically.  So , All Companies required accountant to do this job on correct time. Tally ERP 9 is one kind of Accounting Software , which helps companies to do their accounts works very smooth.  In this post we are going to discuss about Tally ERP 9 questions frequently asked by companies who recruit Tally accountant .

As a VAT 201 , we carefully analysed all Tally  Interview Questions & Answers, Tally Accountant Job Interview Questions and Answers , Tally Accounts Interview Questions and Answers and Tally ERP Interview Questions , Tally ERP Technical questions that you may face in your next interview.  These following questions will help you to answer questions while interview and make you the best among others.

Basic Tally Interview Questions and Answers 

Question No 1 : What is Tally and why we have to use it ?

Answer :

Tally ERP is an accounting software for accounts and inventory management, which is help us to do many accounting related works like

  • To Perform all basic accounting works
  • To Estimate job costing
  • To Store details and manage inventory items
  • To Manage payroll
  • Filing VAT Tax return, managing profit and loss statement, Balance sheet preparation, Trial balance and cash-flow report etc.
  • Maintaining budget
  • Calculating interest on the outstanding amount

Question No 2 : What kind of features are available in Tally ERP 9 for Accounting?

Answer :

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